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We Support Our Lecturers


Okay, so it HAS been a while, and we have possibly ignored a few too many things, but something we absolutely HAVE to talk about is the coming UCU strikes!


The UCU (University and College Lecturers Union) are taking UK-wide industrial action on Thursday March 24th.

Why? They’re going to be made to pay more for less pensions, and work longer for the privilege!

It’s wrong. Lecturers are facing cuts just like students. If students want to defeat fees and stop cuts, we must stand side by side with our lecturer, as they stood beiside us.

That means not crossing the picket line and walking out of lectures to support them.

There is an event HERE

Also going on is THIS at the Alternative Arts College

And for a more in-depth description, read this from Sheffield

Still unsure? Debate tomorrow!

Many things going on up and down the country, with some universities going into occupation, (UCL admin wing occupied. Goldsmiths admin building occupied. Edinburgh occupied. Royal Holloway watch out.) and UCU inviting Lady Gaga!

Please post any photos or messages of support to OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, or email them to for less identity!


PS. See you on the streets of London 😉

Resist! March! Strike! Occupy!


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