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Minutes of Occupation Meeting 9th Feb 2011


Once again, if anyone wants anything adding or amending, please comment.

UL Occupation Meeting 9th Feb 2011

Public Meeting with Vice-Chancellor
Weds 23rd Feb, LPAC, 5-7pm.
‘Question Time’ format, Speakers: VC Mary Stuart, Richard Keeble, Chris Charnley, ULOcc delegate.
5 min opening speeches – what to include?
Suggest non-SSL occupier – disagree: excludes too many, leads to exclusion ad absurdum.
Volunteers: JD, RW (reserve). Collaborate on speech. Misunderstanding: Only one speaker.

Occupation Delegate’s Opening speech:
Thank VC, speakers, attendees.
Establish targets? Run down of uni position on cuts. What VC is doing, can & cannot do, make these clear. Question of uni publicity: Where can public/students view results if any? Students need access to info on uni anti-cuts strategy.
What does Occ want to convey?
Message from Occ. Mention Occ in intro, discussion w. VC 17th Dec 2010, why happy to end Occ at that point.
Other UK Occupations, highlight fact of mass movement, not just ‘nutty students’.
Original Occupation aims: 1 & 2 achieved, 3rd most important, 4th ask VC
Form offical anti-cuts committee*; convey relevance to other (non-teaching) staff.
Focus speech, “smaller than Uni”, acknowledge ULOcc does not have remit to represent all students, whereas VC/SU/Occ combined does.
*Semantics of ‘Committee’ – too exclusive? Suggest ‘Forum’ as wider group, with ‘Committee’ elected from within.

Build-up to meeting:
Publicity: target all uni memebers: Students, lecturers, aux. Staff. Establish target audience. Suggest focus on SU reps as liason to wider student population.
How much printed material required? “Lots”. >1000 flyers, additional posters.
Make contact with SU, establish if SU willing to provide resources for printing, ULOcc has £55 budget remaining.
2-3 required for liason w. SU, direct comm. w. Charnley. L on emails. MS volunteers to ‘harass’ SU.
Ensure delegate is presentable: volunteers wanted to pin the tail on the monkey 22nd Feb.
Free pizza.

Future direction will be determined after VC meeting.
Update ULOcc Aims in blog, highlight aims achieved.
Modify Occ logo. Facebook profile pics.

Next meeting:
Questions/answers for/to/from JD (cross w. SSL agenda)
Questions for VC/SU/RK
Update: Solidarity with Hull, possible visit Fri 18th Feb

ADDITION – Look into Feb 24th as Occupation News also


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