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Minutes of Occupation Meeting 2nd Feb 2011


Let me know if anyone wants anything altering, any questions, etc.

University of Lincoln Occupation: Meeting 2nd Feb 2011

Meeting with Vice Chancellor
Decision on university’s public anti-cuts/fees meeting?
Email communication, suggestions for time/location requested: Conditions? After or during Uni hours? 5pm suggested.
Possible meeting dates for U.L.Occ . to meet VC: 18th, 23rd, 28th Feb, 1st March (closer to TUC demo 26th March)
Preferences: (1) 1st March; (2) 22nd Feb; (3) 24th Feb. Tues preferred, otherwise Thurs.
Suggest 3-4 Student delegates from list of volunteers:
D; H; JD; JS; L; N; R; Z
Where to meet?

Occupation Blog
L encourages continued use.
Retains high readership: 2000+ views Dec, 600+ Jan.
Revised blog categories e.g. by author, subject, genre.

Occupation Network News:
Glasgow reoccupied: Protest against building closure. Suggest solidarity email.
London universities – ongoing meetings & training, “Sukey” anti-kettling project.
Tweets for UCL occupation received, mistaken for ‘ULOcc’.
Recommend author’s initial on tweets, not anonymous ‘ULOcc’ if a personal view, to avoid @ULOcc arguing with self.
Retweets on ULOcc of demos, other Occs’ news.

Renaming & fusion:
‘Occupation’ puts off less politicisised persons? Compromise by over-arching or partner anti-cuts/fees group. Keep U.L.Occ. as subordinate or sister group.
Chair proposes0 SSL/Occupation funding to buy gavel. Minute-taker seconds.
Less confident anti-cuts sympathisers scared to associate with occ?
Retain apolitical stance? What if (e.g.) Direct Action?
Decide if uni campaign is against all cuts or exclusively education cuts/tuition fees? Suggest focus campaign on edu issues, inc. directly related cuts e.g. Arts.
Lincoln Stop the Cuts University division? Associate w. Uni of Utopia &/Edu Factory.
Too many branch groups risks lack of focus?
Involve other Edu-interested parties by concentrating on Edu issues.
Retain “anti-all cuts” message.
Vote to change name (note: many Occs retain ‘U[x]Occ’ naming). If possibility of reoccupation, retain ULOcc name.
SU/Charnley support in question: SU Mobilisation required. Additional board/blog to ally SU?
Retire older groups with crossover.
MOTION: Create second group: Passed.
Objection: Why appeal to ‘confused’?
Some students ‘scared’ to occupy e.g. political-apathetic, hostile, oppositional peer pressure.
Distance from SSL to avoid ‘just another leftist group’ tar-brush, perception of elitism. We must ‘extend hand’/encourage dialogue (ref. apparent segregation on Manc coach 29/1/11).
Others misjudge SSL/ULOcc – do we misjudge also?
Associate w. ‘internationalist’ campaigns e.g. Amnesty Int’l.
Recruitment (specifically) non-SSL staff for new group.
LSTC/LSSTC umbrella – link with TU’s.
Direct pressure on Charnley required?
Recruit to utilise all available skills. Encourage open-mindedness.
Marketing approach? ‘grab’ potential supporters.

Naming sister/umbrella group?
Avoid negative &/ exclusory implications eg ‘cuts’ ‘student’ ‘university’

Time 6/6.30 (TBC)
What next?

EDIT: Occupation Speaker for meeting with the Vice-Chancellor. VC suggests female member to maintain gender neutrality. Other speakers Chris Charnley, Richard Keeble. LPAC, Weds 23rd Feb, 5-7pm.


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  1. next meet should def add the stuff in the message i sent around, about speakers and speech!



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