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Birthday Update


It appears that poor Cleggy wasn’t very popular this year (wonder why?) and not many people turned up at his party. Don’t be sad though, EAN turned up, he still got plenty of kettles!


It seems that he was SO pleased with his bright shiny kettles, that he returned the favour, and gave the demonstrators one of the ones he was throwing out. It broke by the end of the day – Imagine! Maybe it was because a delegation was allowed through the funnel to give him one of his kettles in person!

There was indeed party hats and cake, and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in the rain. It was on channel 4 news and everything (3:28)- eat your heart out Sweet Sixteen! It should be available soon!

Oh, and ULU says that the real party starts at Warren Street, 10:30, with Lowkey and Logic. I wish I was going!



★ ~ Ⓐ ♀ ~ ♡☮✿♡ ~ ☭Ⓥ ~ ★



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