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Happy Birthday Nick!


Just wanted to wish Nick Clegg a very exciting 42nd birthday this year. I wonder what he has in store? So many people seem to be sending him all sorts of different things through his door. I do hope they arrive on time! Please send and warm well wishing gifts to

Nick Clegg
85 Nethergreen Rd,
Sheffield, S11 7EH

Alternatively, if you keep it to yourselves, SHH there’s a surprise party tomorrow! Keep that happy and fun for everyone of course 😉 It seems there will even be cake. I hope everyone going has a great time and that there are party bags for all. Don’t tell anyone, but i think quite he’s getting quite a few kettles from EAN this year as a thank you gift for everything the state has given student partygoers in the past 2 months. His private party have already received an all time low rating! Lucky hey?

Someone even went as far as to write him a song – some people may wish to avoid it 😉

Cleggy’s constituents already surprised him with an early gathering this week, as he popped into office for a chat behind doors.

Find the events quick before facebook deletes them, like the EMA demo on the 11th for instance!

my card

send us your cleggy cards?

Always remember to Dance


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