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The end of the beginning.


Following our meeting with Mary Stuart, the Vice Chancellor for our university, we have collectively decided to end the occupation for 2010. At our meeting we came to a mutual understanding with the VC, and we are confident that both ourselves and the university are wholly dedicated to fighting for the same thing.

Image from Huseyin Kishi (CC)

It has been a challenging, tiring but incredibly rewarding experience for us all. By the time we officially finish the occupation at 6:15pm today, we will have amassed just over 219 hours of occupation.

We would like to extend our gratitude to each student, lecturer and university staff member who showed support for the occupation, and also to remind you all that is may be the end of this occupation, but this is only the beginning of the movement, and Lincoln’s participation in it.

Next year, as agreed between the occupiers and senior management, there will be a meeting for all university participants to attend, being students; lecturers; management and other staff. We hope this will be the kick-start to 2011’s campaign in Lincoln, and we hope you can be a part of it.

When we look back at what we have achieved in the last nine days, it will be with fond memories, and increased determination for the wider movement against these ideological attacks. While we are going home, we’re not going away. We will continue in this struggle, until we bring a stop to the government’s assault on education.

We’ll see you all next year!


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One Comment
  1. Dear All at UL Occupation,

    Just want to express my congratulations at what you have achieved. It is inspirational to see fellow Students doing something so big to stand up to this dreadful government. Also, I would like to express my solidarity and Christmas Wishes.

    The Students United Will Never Be Defeated!

    With Regards,
    Ben Ramsdale
    Union Secretary
    Liverpool Hope Students’ Union

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