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Occupation, A Story


Wednesday, 2pm. Spirits were high – the buzz of the demonstration was running through my veins. Here with my friends, some of the best I’ve ever had, all here for a single purpose – to protect those who want to go to education. This was different to protests I’ve been on – Barking Youth Fight for Jobs, Leicester Anti-EDL: these didn’t compare to the feeling of a protest on your home soil. Solidarity, the key thing on my mind – Students; school students, college students, University of Lincoln students and lecturers all here to protect our and others’ rights to go to university, not only for the feeling of uni lifestyle, but also to improve our lives.

Wednesday, 3pm, University of Lincoln. The demonstration was over and we were all feeling the high of the demonstration. What next? It was suggested to follow in previous student protests – Occupation. Now, many of us didn’t even anticipate such an event in Lincoln where many students don’t really give a shit about the future of education, really, why should they? We’re fine, essentially, as the increase in fees won’t affect us. However, the suggestion was made and we marched into the Atrium – the megaphone blaring ‘No ifs, No buts, No Education Cuts’. The adrenaline was pumping as over thirty people followed a collective of students into MB1019. A single understanding. A single reason: Defend the right for education. For many of us, this was something new – and holy shit didn’t we know it. As soon as we occupied the room, students began setting up the occupation – one member put up a ‘PCS young members’ banner, while two other students began hanging banners from the balcony. The feeling of solidarity and understanding was stronger than ever. Suddenly, it dawned on us that something beyond belief was happening.

It wasn’t long before the press was here, with a live feed on The Linc set up. This was when things truly hit home. There was no backing out now. A meeting was called, and we all discussed our course of action… Many of us were preparing to stay the night.

Thursday morning. Staff from the canteen arrived with tea and coffee, boilers for hot water and cakes, much to the surprise of the occupiers. It was at this point where we all realised that we was here to stay. It dawned on us that we had support from staff. Shortly though, after this excitement, the terrifying thought loomed on us that today was the day where the ConDem government would be voting on whether to pass the motion of £9000 fees. There was much discussion, and tea drinking, throughout the morning until 12:45pm where the MPs would debate on the increase. We put signs up inviting students to watch the debate with us, and many came. The results were horrific. We was all angered by the carelessness of the MPs when it came to student debt. Now, don’t get me wrong but we’re led to believe that being in debt is bad so, why then, are MPs pushing forward the motion to make us students 3x more in debt than before? I found it deeply distressing, to be honest.

Thursday afternoon. Most occupiers were watching the BBC News channel where we witnessed student protests being crushed by the police – police who hit innocent people, police who knocked people out, police who kettled thousands of students into a single place and then apparently got pissed off when we tried to free ourselves. The air of the occupation was, obviously, heated with many people expressing passionate thoughts against the police in favour of the students sticking up for what they believe.

Thursday, Announcement of Tuition Fee Increases. Silence. Shame. Anger. A knife could have cut the tension of the room. Every single occupier was furious that the LibDems had pushed through a motion which their leader, Nick Clegg, was originally against. The news cut back to the student protests and there was an immediate atmosphere of overwhelming support for the protesters… I was overjoyed with the idea (and even hope) that the Liberal Democrats have ruined any chance of getting elected into power again…

To be continued…



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  1. Really liked the style CF – LOLCⒶ xXx

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