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University specific demands


While we have a list of general demands and aims that can be found here, today we have been drawing up demands that are specific to the University of Lincoln. They are as follows:

•We call upon the University of Lincoln and the senior management to defend education by actively and publicly opposing the cuts – the university is to arrange a public meeting of students, lecturers, management and other staff members where the VC can declare their views.
•We demand the university publicise (through all available channels) the ways in which the cuts will affect staff and students (including the removal of EMA and ALG).
•We demand that there is no victimisation by the university of anybody involved in non-violent protest.
•We demand that the university makes steps towards ending the casualisation of it’s staff. All workers should be offered full contracts and employee status. (We also recognise that job security is a priority.)
•We demand that the university make serious efforts to address stressed and over-worked staff.
•We demand a committee be formed on the university cuts which includes students, lecturers, management and other staff.
•We demand a published break-down of how cuts will affect each individual section.
•We demand students are recognised as a participant in the university system, not limited to liaising through the Students’ Union.
This list isn’t in a finalised state and may be subject to change.

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  1. Just a quick one regarding the last point: Take a look at the Student as Producer project (which aims to get students right back into the middle of decision making) and our Get Satisfaction community (, which is a direct line to staff who can fix things.

  2. Hey Guys,

    I would say as an extra point is demand an open book policy to go along with your demands of active engagement with staff and students, and some kind of promise to no job loses. Just suggestions.

    Congrats on how long you have been holding out,


  3. Oh and I really liked the last point about student recognition.

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