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Text message exchange at the Westminster protest


This is a transcript of the texts I sent & recieved with other UoL students whilst at the protest – it gets rather grim later on, as anyone who doesn’t live on the moon will know. An interesting record of a major event, communicated in a thoroughly modern fashion. Complete with spelling errors. Names removed.


UoL Occupiers – Student Protest, Westminster 9th Dec 2010 – Transcript of Text Exchanges

1245 L: LSE, gold and kings meeting at Southbank. Is where we at x

1256 M>L,H: Im at Traf. Sq., see ynu guys later.

1258 L: We Marching

1301 H: What’s happening?

1301 M>H: Not marching yet, fair crowd but not packed.

1303 H: Are you with Z and L?

1304 M>H: Nah, theyre marching from S Bank, on move already she says.

1418 L: Kettled?

1419 M>L: Next to Abbey, dont think so.

1503 H: Head to Tory HQ Millbank

1507 M>H: Might take a while. Near the Cromwell police line.

1544 H: Any luck?

1549 M>H: Nope. Shoving, beating, bleeding. Not me yet.

1551 H: Are you alright?

1554 M>H: Fine. Hairy though. An experience.

1556 H: Are you able to evade the crowd?

1557 M>H: No. Right by abbey fence, cops other side.

1558 H: So you’re stuck in London kettled?

1558 M>H: Tweet that if you want :p

1602 H: Text L if you can, she’s going to be staying in London.

1601 M>H: Ok, you get out?

1603 H: Yep. I’m on the coach.

1618 M>L: Hey, where are you? I’m near south side of Abbey.

1624 L: I’m kettled in. Gonna stay at my mums. If you’re stuck in London after get through to me or 07[…] to Z x

1624 M>L: Thanks.

1642 H: Ring me.

1647 L: Facing big ben and London eye. Line of riot cops. I’ll let you know when I’m out. Do the same x

1653 M>L: Ok, stay safe.

1657 L: Well our kettle is on fire but nobody seems to mind

1716 L: Can you get out?

1732 M>L: Still looks blocked

1739 L: I think we can get out. Are considering joining one of the other occupations if it gets late x

1740 M>L: Think about that later. We’re sandwiched on Whall.

1742 L: You went Whitehall? Bad move! Any signs of stopping? What’s it like?

1743 L: Vote passed

1747 M>L: Not pretty, on path by trnch. Blocked both ends.

1748 L: How many

1754 M>L: Not sure, many in middle.

1822 M>L: You still in? Trench-path has been allowed to clear but some voyeuristic impulse keeps me watching.

1825 L: Yeah but we might be able to get out. Nice atmosphere in here. Music, fires… Hokey cokey and conga…

1838 M>L: Looks like theyre letting people out 1-2 at a time near w’hall tube entrance.

1840 L: We have a fucking long q

1841 M>L: Near green metal container.

1842 L: Okay. We will be a while

1845 L: Shit I’m sorry. Our q isn’t real. We aren’t allowed out. It’s considered a crime scene. Lots of FIT

1849 L: Maybe we are. Really confusing. Watch this space. Will switch to Zs phone soon x

2119 M>L: Heh. because of my morbid fasscination i find myself kettled twice in one day. UCL occ is a possibility though.

2123 J: Whats going on? You alright? x

2123 M>J: Kettled again! Stuck on bridge now, what an arse!

2128 J: Oh god! Who are you with? How will you get home?? X

2129 M>J: I’ll figure something out, probs UCL occ. L is with Z but dont know where.

2134 J: This is Zs number 07[…], text me if your stuck and we will get in touch with the london occupations x

2133 M>J: Cheers.

2203 L: I’m kettles on a bridge. Ucl. Kk

0152 Z: We are at soas, near ulu, see u 2moro.

Also, many thanks to the LSE occupation for providing crash space. Pardon the customary reticence.


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