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Occupation from ‘An Art student’


I’m currently with my fellow comrades in occupation of Lincoln University. Not only am I here because I believe education is a right not a privilege, Education should be free and available to everyone. Also because as an Art Student im really worried about the 30% cuts that art funding will be hit with. It is already really hard to live off being an artist and to also make it as an artist, and these savage cuts and rises in tuition fees will make it harder for artists, art students and people whose dream is to be an artist like mine always has been. Art and culture is such a massive party of our society, why is it right that in our lives we wont be able to do what we really really want to do,  but instead work in a job that we don’t really want to be in paying of debt for all our working lives. We need to fight, for our future and the next generation.



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