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The optimism of the action is better than the pessimism of the thought


As you’re all probably aware there’s an occupation going on at the University of Lincoln. So why aren’t you here? There’s nothing stopping you, if you’re a student then you live near the Uni anyway!

I know what you’re going to say; “Oh but protesting never accomplishes anything!”, “It doesn’t affect me!” or even “Why should I sit in a room all night?”. Shall we get a few things cleared up? Yeah, why not. You’re reading this anyway.

Protesting never accomplishes anything, you say?

I’m afraid this is a complete lie. If you honestly believe that nothing has been accomplished by people using their right to protest then take a step outside once in a while. Have you heard of a man called Martin Luther King? I’m quite sure he along with millions of protesters managed to succeed didn’t they? How about the protests in Iran for that matter? It goes to show if enough people show solidarity towards a common cause then change can happen. As we keep getting told, ‘We’re all in this together’.

Why does it affect you?

It might not affect you directly but you surely can’t think it’s right for someone in the EXACT SAME POSITION AS YOU should pay three times as much for the same education you’re currently receiving. How is that fair? Simple answer: it’s not. If it doesn’t affect how much you’re paying for your education, what about your younger brothers or sisters? What about your friends who are younger than you? It will affect them and their future. You could do something to change that, instead of sitting in your room reading a blog.

Why should you sit in a room all night?

Isn’t that what you’re doing anyway? You’re either going to spend your night in your room or in your living room with friends. Why not come down here and be a part of something whilst not changing your nightly routine. We’ve got the same entertainment as you do; internet, DVDs and music. There’s also many people to socialise with, try making new friends!

If you still think there’s something stopping you then I honestly don’t know what it could be. The weather is not an excuse. It’s been cold and snowy for a week now, deal with it. Now come deal with your future.

– Lx


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  1. Standards Commission permalink

    “Protesting never accomplishes anything, you say?

    I’m afraid this is a complete lie.”

    An untruth perhaps, to lie though is to deceive deliberately. It utterly plausible that some individuals may believe that “protesting never accomplishes anything”, in which case it might be better to provide them with education rather than insults.

  2. “Communes come into being when people find each other, get on with each other, and decide on a common path. The commune is perhaps what gets decided at the very moment when we would normally part ways. It’s the joy of an encounter that survives its expected end. It’s what makes us say “we,” and makes that an event. What’s strange isn’t that people who are attuned to each other form communes, but that they remain separated. Why shouldn’t communes proliferate everywhere? In every factory, every street, every village, every school. At long last, the reign of the base committees! Communes that accept being what they are, where they are. And if possible, a multiplicity of communes that will displace the institutions of society: family, school, union, sports club, etc. Communes that aren’t afraid, beyond their specifically political activities, to organize themselves for the material and moral survival of each of their members and of all those around them who remain adrift. Communes that would not define themselves – as collectives tend to do – by what’s inside and what’s outside them, but by the density of the ties at their core. Not by their membership, but by the spirit that animates them.

    A commune forms every time a few people, freed of their individual straitjackets, decide to rely only on themselves and measure their strength against reality. Every wildcat strike is a commune; every building occupied collectively and on a clear basis is a commune, the action committees of 1968 were communes, as were the slave maroons in the United States, or Radio Alice in Bologna in 1977. Every commune seeks to be its own base. It seeks to dissolve the question of needs. It seeks to break all economic dependency and all political subjugation; it degenerates into a milieu the moment it loses contact with the truths on which it is founded. There are all kinds of communes that wait neither for the numbers nor the means to get organized, and even less for the “right moment” – which never arrives.”


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