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Ideology or Pragmatism?


When it comes to the issue of cuts, and indeed public spending in general, the debate tends to rotate around what the public sector is responsible for funding. In a sense, this comes around to what you view as a ‘right’ and what you view as a ‘privilege’.

If the UN charter demands that education is a RIGHT, then why does this government believe they have the right to charge us ANYTHING? Furthermore, why is that things that are most definitely not ‘rights’ are funded in lieu of higher education? Things like an illegal war in Afghanistan or the renewal of nuclear weapons we emphatically do not need?

There is an issue in the way people are thinking of this. Instead of questioning the legitimacy of student funding as a principle, why aren’t people questioning the way the government collects (or doesn’t collect) its taxes, or why it has insisted on giving more money to an unelected committee? The issue of student funding should be far down on the list of things to discuss.

This is obviously nothing more than a way of a party asserting its ideological beliefs under a veil of pragmatism and necessity.



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