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We demand that the university does as much as it can to prevent disruption to students whilst there is an ongoing occupation, and that we will accomodate all lectures and any other student activity.

· We are against a rise in tuition fees and support free education as a right for all.

· We are against all cuts to public services and welfare. We believe that the government should readdress the issue of corporate tax avoidance, and senior bankers’ bonuses. We believe in investment, not cuts, in Higher Education and public services.

· We demand the right to recall all MPs, specifically Karl McCartney as our local MP, who act in their own interests as opposed to that of their constituents (for example: The Commons Racecourse).

· We are in solidarity with all workers and those affected by the cuts proposed. We especially support the members of the Lincoln & District Trades’ Council; UNISON; UCU; PCS; Lincolnshire Police; Lincoln Stop the Cuts; and all university staff, and any industrial action they choose to take.

· We demand the immediate re-instatement of EMA, for all further education students.

· We demand the university publicise (through all available channels) the ways in which the cuts will affect staff and students.

· We demand that there is no victimisation of anybody involved in protesting against the cuts.

· We call upon the institutions of the University of Lincoln; Bishop Grosseteste University College; Lincoln College; all Lincoln schools, and their senior staff to defend education by actively and publicly opposing the cuts.

· We demand that the university ends the casualisation of its teaching staff. All workers to be offered full contracts and employee status.

· We demand that the universities make serious efforts to address stressed and over-worked staff.


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